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To qualify for the CHRP program:

  • You must qualify as a low-income household with a maximum of 80% Annual Median Income (AMI).  See chart below for 2020 maximum income levels.

  • You must own your home, and it must be located in Lincoln County, Oregon.

  • It must be your primary residence.

  • If there a mortgage on the home, you must be current with your payments.

  • You must be current on tax payments on your home.

  • You must have homeowner’s insurance.

  • You must be willing to partner with HFHLC.

    • You will be required to put in sweat equity, helping with the repair or providing service in a mutually agreeable way.

    • You will be required to help pay for the cost of materials, using a sliding scale based on gross annual income.  Payment plans are available.

              2020 CHRP Income Eligibility

2020 Income Limits.png
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