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Echo Mountain Fire Complex

Our hearts go out to those impacted by the Echo Mountain Fire Complex, especially the 283 families who lost their homes.  Recovery is a long, slow process, and we want everyone to be aware of available resources, as well as potential pitfalls.

Homeownership Opportunities for Echo Mountain Wildfire Survivors

To apply, visit the Lincoln County Website 


Lincoln County, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln County, Community Services Consortium, and other nonprofit organizations, is making limited homeownership opportunities available to individuals and families impacted by the 2020 Echo Mountain Complex Wildfire.  There will be a minimum of five homes in the North Lincoln County area available over the next 12 months, with two homes ready for occupancy in June.  The homes will vary in size, location, and cost.  

Anyone who can be verified to have lost their home due to the Echo Mountain Complex Wildfire and has not yet been able to rebuild is eligible to participate.  This includes those who owned the primary home on a piece of property, those who lived in a secondary home on property owned by a friend or family member, those who owned a manufactured unit in a park where they rented the pad, and those who rented a home of any kind. 


All eligible households are encouraged to complete an interest form with details about their current housing needs.

As each homeownership opportunity becomes available, names will be drawn from a pool that matches the size and location requirements as expressed on the interest form.  If selected, the individual or family will have an opportunity to view the home, learn about mortgage requirements and/or tax implications of any gifted equity in the home, and make a decision if they wish to proceed. 

To be considered for homeownership opportunities through this program, complete the Echo Mountain Wildfire Recovery Homeownership Interest Form linked below in Spanish and English. For questions or to receive a copy of the interest form by mail or email, contact Heather Johnson at the Community Services Consortium, or 458-233-3464. 

Disaster Fraud

It’s unfortunate that in today’s world there are those who will take advantage of those in crisis.  Please be aware of disaster fraud, and protect yourselves as much as possible.  Click on the resources below for more information.

Look Out for Disaster Fraud

Esté atento al fraude por desastre

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