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Celebrating Major Milestones

Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln County (HFHLC) is celebrating three major milestones which represent the full lifecycle of how strong community partnerships can place more needy families in safe, affordable housing. Two Habitat homeowners recently made their final mortgage payments to HFHLC and now own their homes outright while, at the same time, two more partner families are being selected for the next build in Lincoln City, a part of the county devastated by the recent Echo Mountain Fire Complex. And finally, newly completed townhomes on South Pine Street in Newport were sold to two partner families at the end of March.

Family selection for the two homes to be built in Lincoln City in 2021-2022 is well underway and should be completed by the end of April. Those families will then put in “sweat equity” to help build their homes prior to purchasing them through an affordable mortgage. HFHLC typically raises 50% of the funding needed to complete a project prior to selecting partner families and beginning construction, then raises the rest of the money as the project progresses. Major funders so far include the State of Oregon through a Local Innovation Fast Track (LIFT) grant, the City of Lincoln City, Lincoln County, and the Spirit Mountain Community Fund. HFHLC, however, continues to seek funding for this project. “Lumber and other construction costs keep going up and up and no longer reflect our original estimate,” said HFHLC Executive Director Lucinda Taylor, “We really need the public’s help in raising the necessary funding to get these families into their homes by the end of 2022.”

The two families who helped build their new homes on South Pine Street recently signed loan documents, taking on an affordable 30-year mortgage in the process. The project encountered several obstacles along the way due to the slope of the land and higher than anticipated excavation and foundation costs. Yet, with the help of the community, and a tremendous contribution of labor and assistance in project management from Luckini Construction, the homes have now been completed, receiving the final certificate of occupancy in mid-March. Both families were ecstatic to move into their new digs. “I can’t believe it’s finally happening,” says Jacque Woodall, new Habitat homeowner. “It seemed to take forever, but now that I’m in my own house and it was worth the wait. It was a great experience helping build my own home” Jacque’s new neighbor, Judy Ann Fleming, said, “Receiving this new home is a dream come true! Many thanks to the Lord, my church family for their prayers, Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln County, and the many people and companies that made this possible. God Bless you all.”

At the other end of the process, the two Habitat homeowners who recently made their final mortgage payments are equally excited. “One of my life dreams was to own a home, but it seemed too far away to be a reality for a small-town girl working in home health care. Thanks to Habitat, I have lived to see that dream come true, allowing me to raise my children in a stable home and give them a solid foundation for adult life. What a great sense of accomplishment!” said Jackie Ashley. Jackie and her son helped build their home, which was completed in 2003. The other homeowner who recently paid off his mortgage moved into his home in 2001.

“It’s wonderful to celebrate so many milestones,” says Board President Chris Boyle. “These moments don’t just happen. They require the generosity of donors who give large amounts of money as well as many small donors who give five, twenty or a hundred dollars. Importantly, it’s not just the money. Many volunteers contribute their effort, time and expertise to see the walls rise and the roofs go on and help to overcome the obstacles that get in the way. It’s moments like this that make it all worthwhile. On behalf of Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln County, I thank everyone who helped to put these families in safe, healthy homes.”

For more information or to help support the HFHLC mission, please contact Lucinda Taylor at or 541.351.8078.

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